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We offer Hi Qualty Clean and Creative Wordpress, HTML5, Bootstrap Templates. Our beautiful web site Templates are responsive too! After reviewing them, I'm sure you'll agree the web site Templates are very eye catching, The codes are written to improve site's load time and SEO ranking abilities. At the same time visually showing the necessary content of your web site. Very orignized and pleasant to view!

Under or around some of our demo images you may see text..."Svc Prep Fee"; these Fees are our service charges to assist the client in gather their information (data) to enter for their web site. All Pre-Built Templates on the site are Free! Each Template has its own "Svc Prep Fee" applied for that Template..

Service (Svc) Prep Fees are put in place to allow us to construct a (4) menu page Template website with 1 sub menu if needed. All additional pages or sub pages are chargable. Each additional added linked page will cost $55.00 for the first page. All other additional pages thereafter, $50 a page.

All HTML Site Templates, conductmysite will have full upload control of those data transmissions. After full completion of your site you will be sent a copy of the completed working web site, (files/folders/images) etc.

If your site is (CMS) type - Wordpress, Durpal etc. We will offer all admin control features to you after site completion. CMS site files can be requested within a 30 day time frame, after site completion.
Content will be sent to client via hard data..CD/DVD/Thump Drive...

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