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Having a logo designed that visually identifies you or your business is what we do! Come to us with your design thoughts of a design or a logo creation. We'll bring it to life. Web Life! If you’re in doubt of what you’re looking for let us offer some suggestions to ease your decision making. We have hundreds of unused, ready to go Logo’s and Templates. Using our logo service’s we’ll offer you 5 digitally made logo designs for you to choose from. (You Select One) Logo that will help in offering an unforgettable visual display of power “branding” for you.

This method can offer you a creative jumpstart in designing an identity for your business, organization, product or service names. It is still necessary to protect your new image legally using the appropriate lawyer or legal service. A service mark is very similar to a trademark, except that it is used to distinguish services in the stream of commerce. Like a trademark, a service mark can include words, names, symbols and logos. Typically, trademarks appear on the actual product or its packaging, while service marks appear mostly in advertising for the services. In this law library, when we use the term “trademark,” we generally mean both trademarks and service marks.

Logo Creation Service - flat rate $145.00

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    We will present you with your order within 5-7 days, after payment receipt.
    After your logo choice, any of the other 4 examples can be purchased for $35 per example.
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